What is a Seeker?

A Seeker is a piece of Software that counteracts the actions of the Hider. It seeks all Hidden software, as long as the Seeker's level is higher than the Hider's level.

For example; Someone has hacked me and hidden my Software with a 10.0 Hider. I cannot seek it if my Seeker is 9.9 or lower. I can if my Seeker is 10.0 or higher.

Where can I get the Seeker?

Simply head on over to the Download Center and download it from there. Logs are not recorded, so don't worry about clearing them.

How do I research my Firewall?

To research a piece of Software, head to the University tab on your side-menu, then from there select the piece of Software you wish to research. Follow through and research the Software.

It says I have no software to research!

This is because you have not bought the License.

Alternatively, you can go into your Software tab on the side-menu, and click the little blue circle icon that's located next to the Software's name. From there, you can buy the license, (If you haven't already), and research the software following the steps I have provided above.