What is the "CPU"?

The CPU, or Central Processing Unit, is the piece of Hardware responsible for nearly all File-Related actions. It determines how fast you can edit your logs, delete a piece of software, run an anti-virus, and multiple other things.

For example; If I were to delete my high-level cracker, I would require a good processor in order to delete it quicker. If I were to edit my log files, the speed would be increased if I were to buy a better processor. You get the gist.

Having a good CPU is imperative for anyone who wishes to compete for the higher ranks.

How do I buy the "CPU"?


Click to View - For reference only.

To buy a CPU, you must first navigate to the "Hardware" section on the side-menu. From there, you can click on "Upgrade Server", which in turn brings up a tab displaying the prices of all Hardware available.