What is an Analyzer?

The Analyzer does just that - It analyzes a victim's Hardware, and its accuracy is dependent on the version.

For example; I upload a 1.0 Analyzer to my victim, which has a 50% accuracy rate. 2.0 has an 80% accuracy rate, whereas 3.0 has a 100% accuracy rate.

Where can I get an Analyzer?

As the Analyzer is unobtainable through the Download Center, to obtain an Analyzer, you must have either another user willing to give you one, or you must hack another user and steal their Analyzer.

How do I research my Analyzer?

The Analyzer is non-researchable.

It says I have no software to research!

This is because you have not bought the License.

Alternatively, you can go into your Software tab on the side-menu, and click the little blue circle icon that's located next to the Software's name. From there, you can buy the license, (If you haven't already), and research the software following the steps I have provided above.